March 2019

Advanced mode for Graphs.

February 2019

Token Listings Registration

January 2019

NEM Integrated completed and Ethereum node goes live.

December 2018

Integrated confirmed transactions on deposits and withdrawals.

November 2018

Automated withdrawals with trusted parties and under some limits

September 2018

Member Live Chat Integration.

July 2018

LTC and BCH integration.

June 2018

OTP pin verification on withdrawals.

May 2018

Platform goes live for beta testing.

April 2018

KYC and customer verification integrated

March 2018

Ease of integrating other Crypto Currencies into our platform completed.

February 2018

Trading history and account balances completed

January 2018

Full push notification functionality goes live.

December 2017

Exchange Trading functionality completed.

August 2017

Bitcoin integration on our exchange platform completed.

June 2017

Our BitCoin node goes live.

April 2017

It starts. The best ideas dwindle if not fueled with enthusiasm.