by Hugo Venter, May 23, 2019

Hydro 2FA

Doubloon CryptoX has partnered with Hydrogen to provide our users with the most secure two factor authentication (2FA) technology currently available.

Hydrogen is a decentralized platform that offers 2FA far superior than current market solutions. Their technology has eliminated spoofing holes that haunt current well known 2FA system like Google 2-Step verification.

Generating a secure wallet that stores sites you subscribe to has also removed the problem of restoring those sites when you move to another mobile device.

To enable 2FA on your CryptoX account, click your profile icon in the top right corner, select setting and follow the simple steps.

For convenience 2FA will only be required when something major happens on your account, like requesting a withdrawal.

Get the mobile app available for Apple and Android devices.

Hacked? When? How?
by Hugo Venter, May 17, 2019

Funds are Safu (Safe)

We realize that even banks with the heights security get defrauded at some stage. We try to prevent it from happing and when it does we put measures in place so it does not happen again. The question is not how but when? We know we will get compromised some day and how can we protect our clients in an industry that does not yet have insurance policies. The answer is to create them.

At CryptoX we encourage users not to keep their Crypto on the exchange but rather move it to a private wallet. Even if all our users did that we would still have currency on our wallets for day to day trading operations that could be compromised.

So the leading exchanges have come up with a insurance policy they call (Funds are Safu). The plan is simple. Take 10% of all transaction fee and move it to a cold wallet. In the event that cryptocurrency is stolen then the stolen currency could be recovered from the (Funds are Safu) fund.

At CryptoX we want to assure our customers that we follow this standard and that your Funds are Safu with us.

Advanced Charts
by Hugo Venter, April 15, 2019


Advanced charts are now available. Clicking on the Basic/Advanced view button in the top left corner of the screen will switch between basic and advanced charts. Your preference will be saved and the site will remember the last view mode you used even if you log out and log back in later.

by Hugo Venter, April 14, 2019


We are now open for toke registration for tokens on NEM network. Please complete this registration form if you want to list your token on our exchange.

by Hugo Venter, March 3, 2019


We are proud to announce Doubloon CryptoX partnered with web hosting company Quickspace IT System Solutions to create a truly Anonymous Domain Registration service using the NEM Blockchain.

A simple anonymous payment solution that can be used for any digital asset. Contact us for more info.

Read more about it here

Follow the Leader
by Hugo Venter, February 19, 2019

The Difference?

This is a question that most companies and customers ask themselves before they start using a product. "What makes our/your product different from the others on the market?"

To set yourself apart from your competitors is not always easy. Do you follow or do you lead? Whichever one a company chooses, both are great models to base a business on, but it will be the one that survives in the long run that makes a business sustainable and makes most sense to a company. The model might even change during the lifetime of the business.

This begs the question: What makes Doubloon Crypto different from the others in the market? We must admit there are some real great exchanges out there.

To answer this question, we must first look at our target market. Doubloon Crypto operates in South Africa, so we tend to compare ourselves to our South African competitors rather than international exchanges.

Luno, iEC3X and Altcointraders are well known in the South African exchange market and these exchanges have invested a lot of time and money into their trading platforms. They are hard to beat and offer great value to their customers. We use these three platforms as our measuring stick at Doubloon Crypto.

Yes, we follow rather than lead. Now let’s look at our customers.

Doubloon Crypto target market is the everyday consumer rather than the seasoned trading veteran. We aim to simplify the way people can buy cryptocurrency by providing an easy to understand and feature rich platform to buy or trade Crypto Currency.

How do we do this? By implementing easy to understand graphs, easy navigation and a feature rich interface.

Let’s look at some of these features if you have not yet discovered them yourself on our platform.


Doubloon is the first South African exchange to offer XEM coins as part of their trading portfolio. XEM coin is backed by the NEM Blockchain and falls in the top 20 most popular cryptocurrencies on the market.

Visit their website for more information.


Most websites will send you a notification via email when something happened that needs your attention, that could be a new product, news or even a deposit notification from your bank.

We looked at this and decided to notify our customers faster and better. The answer was "Push Notification". This takes the form of a pop-up on your phone, tablet or PC when an action happens on our platform. You still have the old-fashioned email notification, but you can subscribe to our push notification service by updating your settings and subscribing as many devices as you like at no cost to you. Here is how.

Toast Example:


Register on our chat app (bottom left corner) and you can engage with other customers who are live on the exchange.

Responsive Design:

What does this mean? A responsive website will adjust to best fit the size of the screen of the device you are viewing the website on. In most cases, that means that the site will not scroll off the side of the screen when you are visiting it on your cell phone. The site will adjust and accommodate the size of your PC, laptop, tablet or phone.

This also eliminates the need for a separate application to install on your phone in order to view the site which can be annoying to customers sometimes displaying a message "open in app" rather than just displaying the info you need.


We remember your withdrawal address and accounts. You don’t have to supply the information every time you want to make a withdrawal and all the information is stored securely and encrypted for your convenience.


Registering yourself on an exchange can be a pain. Having to go through Know Your Customer (KYC) registration is a necessary process but we made it easy for you. You can upload your documentation from your PC or simply via your phone camera and you DON'T need to complete the process to start buying or selling currency.

Placing offers:

Simply enter the amount of cryptocurrency you want to buy or sell, place your price and our platform will match you with a buyer or seller. If none is found your offer will be stored in your order book until someone meets the order and you can cancel an offer at any time. Want to buy or sell without having to fill in all the fields. Simply click on a buy or sell offer and it will populate the fields for you. If the price or amount is not correct you don't need to use your keyboard to adjust the values. Simply press the -/+ icons next to the field to adjust the values. Holding the buttons in will speed up the adjustment.


Want to see the balance of all your accounts? The balance is in the top right corner of the menu and will adjust to what current currency you are on. Clicking the balance will show you the balances of all your currencies.

Connect to us:

You can call us, visit us, email us, whatsapp us or chat with us live using our web chat client which is located on every page in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Much more...

We have some great features rolling out in the future as we expand our functionality, the best secure two factor authentication currently on the market, customer rewards program and lots more currencies to come. You can visit the Time line page on our website to see what feature releases are coming up.

Join us for even more, and experience what really makes us different.

The Law
by Hugo Venter, January 26, 2019

Good news?

January has been an interesting month for Cryptocurrencies in South Africa as the Crypto Assets Regulatory Working Group (CARWG) released a consultation paper (PDF) recommending regulatory policies for Cryptocurrency exchanges.

As reported by : South African Officials Release Consultation Paper Regarding Cryptocurrencies

The South Africa government took some action in the first law update mentioning Cryptocurrency or rather Crypto Assets as the Reserve Bank would like to call it.

As reported by Cryptocurrencies have just been declared hobbyist ‘financial instruments’ in South Africa – here’s what that means

These regulatory suggestions and amendments to the law we think is good news for the public and Cryptocurrency industry in South Africa. First off it paves a way to stamp out money laundering and funding terrorist activities among Cryptocurrency exchanges. Exchange in South Africa has followed the industry trends of self regulation by implementing KYC registration processes and these suggested regulations will further strengthen the security of exchanges by giving them access to methods of reporting suspicious transactions.

The amendment to the South Africa tax law might not be good news to the few trying to dodge tax but it confirms that South Africa recognizes Cryptocurrency by signing it into law and that Cryptocurrency has a part to play in the decades to come.

The Beta
by Hugo Venter, June 06, 2018

Exclusive: First Look at the Doubloon Platform

It's been 10 months in development and we have entered our Beta Testing phase. A few selected users have been given access to our platform to help get the Exchange market ready.

We are super excited, just a few more tweaks here and there and we will be launching our platform to the public.

Thank you everyone for your overwhelming support.

The Launch
by Hugo Venter, March 28, 2018

Something Big?

We have been quiet for a reason these last few months, as we implemented security protocols to fortify our exchange. We signed documents that had the word in red on them like "CONFIDENTIAL" and "TOP SECRET".

We get the feeling that something of Jurassic proportions is about to happen...

The Idea
by Hugo Venter, December 16, 2017

How did it all start?

So we were talking about the market price of Bitcoin each day. Looking at price indexes, discussing what we think our next personal big investment should be, when out of the blue our then Technical Director said "We should start an Exchange".

My first thought was how, and then you're kidding? We don't have the resources to jump into that market. We all have been trading on some exchange platform and always had some complaint about what we thought could be better. So we brushed the idea aside...

I think we all stepped out that day with a big pondering question mark on our faces, but like any idea the harder it is to meet the bigger the challenges and big challenge are fun.

A little bit of research and Voilá! The idea started to become a reality.

The Blockchain
by Hugo Venter, August 9, 2017

It's exhausting!

No one said it would be easy, and it's been an exhausting and frustrating few weeks, but not without reward. You reach a point where you almost give up, no amount of googleing can give you straight answers with a technology like Blockchain.

After realizing that everyone had their own idea of how the blockchain works, it became clear to us that what we thought we knew, we had to through out the window and everyone was sent home with some home work.

When we finally came back and everyone had the same level of understanding we finally completed our Bitcoin node integration.

There is a certain amount of pride that you get when overcoming a hurdle when you step back and look at what you accomplished. We thought we completed our Bitcoin node integration for our Exchange when CEO said "Congratulations, you've created your first application that runs on top of Blockchain technology".

We all sat up straight in our chairs and asked "So this is not only about building an Exchange?"

The Node
by Hugo Venter, June 8, 2017

It's alive!

There was a great buzz of excitement in the air today as we started up our first Bitcoin node. It really steadied everyone, and made them realize that we are seriously going ahead with the launching of our exchange.

It's the kind of feeling when the courier arrives at your door with that package that you have been waiting for... Some people also took pride in the fact that the node will be contributing to the Bitcoin network, some looked at it in fear, while others had the look "now we have it, what do we do with it" question on their faces.

For me it signaled the next big challenge of development we will need to meet head on.

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